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How Slim Shots Are Better Than Caffeine

slim shots

It is hard for many of us to imagine a life without caffeine, or to think that anything could even replace that nice shot of energy that caffeine can give you. After all, caffeine is in everything from chocolate to soda and of course, coffee. There are many great benefits of caffeine, but there are […]

How to Get Rid of Your Menopause Belly Fat

menopause belly fat

Menopause can be a very difficult process for any woman. This change can come with a number of hormonal challenges, and changes in weight, appearance, and mood. For many women, this also, unfortunately, means excess fat accumulation. Many women develop excess belly fat as a result of menopause. This can be frustrating and difficult for […]

Zap That Lingering Cold with a Slim Shot!

During this time of the year, getting a cold seems to be inevitable. No matter how hard we all try to stay healthy, cold and flu symptoms seem to always pop up and getting rid of these pesky viruses can be extremely difficult. If you are dealing with a lingering cold that just won’t go […]

3 Things to Give Your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution a Turbo Boost!

No matter how well-intentioned your New Year’s resolutions are, losing weight can be one of the most difficult goals to make a reality. If you really want to make sure you keep your weight loss resolutions this year, we have a few tips to help you get started. Consider these weight-loss boosting tips to help […]