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Preventing Dry Skin in the Summer


When the summer season hits, the heat and humidity of this time of year can have a serious impact on your hair—and your skin. This causes your skin to look dry and flaky, and unfortunately, you can’t just cover up the problem with thick moisturizers and lotion. Chances are, your skin is dehydrated from the […]

Skincare Routine For After Your Facial

skincare routine

If you are planning on getting a facial, such as our popular HydraFacial, then you are going to love the results you get from a professional facial. However, the moment you leave our office, your skincare efforts aren’t done with—you need to maintain the right skincare routine after your facial to continue to keep your […]

What Type of Skin is HydraFacial For?


The HydraFacial skin treatment is one of the most talked about facial treatments out there right now. Whether you heard about HydraFacial from a friend, medical office or from one of the many celebrities out there that love this treatment—there is no denying that this is one of the best treatments out there for getting healthy, […]

10 Different Anti-Aging Tips


There are so many great things about growing older like all of the wisdom and experience that can come with age. But aging, wrinkled skin is not one of those things.  As we age, our skin is one of the first things to show the sign of our growing years. This is why it is […]

Winter Facial Guide

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Winter is almost here and that not only means it is time for colder weather, but it is time for that dry, harsh cold air that can do a real number on the skin. There are so many people who deal with dry, full and flaking skin during the winter, and it can really make […]

Get Christmas Card Ready Sooner Rather Than Later

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It may only be the beginning of fall, but the start of this season means that Christmas is about to creep up on us all. More importantly, those annual Christmas card photos are going to be here very soon. This means there is no better time to start getting in shape and start looking your […]

Want Glowing Skin Like Beyonce? Try HydraFacial!

Beyonce skincare

Let’s be honest, many of us would love to look like Beyonce. While we may not ever be as fabulous as Queen B, there is a new way you can get glowing skin, just like Beyonce. It is a popular facial treatment known as HydraFacial, and it has become one of the most talked about […]

Is Your Acne Acting Up? We Have a Solution!

acne reduction

Adult acne is very annoying and unfortunately a very common condition that plagues many people today. While there is no end to the different at home solutions that you can try to use for your acne, many of these treatments ultimately fall short. This is why we are so excited to announce a revolutionary treatment […]

Treat Yourself to a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover!

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As any mom can attest to, the demands of motherhood can make it very difficult to keep up with your appearances and stay looking your best. Here at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics, we know just how busy today’s moms can be, and that this often means mothers are putting their own needs aside to […]

5 Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments Celebrities Swear By

Jennifer Aniston skin routine

If there is one thing that all celebrities seem to have in common, it is their beautiful, glowing skin. Celebrities seem to have all of the secrets on how to maintain that beautiful, youthful, glowing skin and here at Heritage, we love sharing these celebrity secrets with our clients. The good news is, getting that […]