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How to Get Fast Weight Loss Results

weight loss

Many of us are looking for ways to lose weight, and we can all agree that the goal is to drop pounds fast. After all, there is nothing as frustrating as putting in the work with diet and exercise, only to not see any results after weeks of work. Are you looking for the best […]

Holiday Muffin Top? Try CoolSculpting

holiday muffin top

The holiday season is here, and for many of us that means more eating, more stress and less time to get to the gym.  This is perhaps the reason why the average person gains about five pounds over the holiday season.  If you are worried about a holiday muffin top, then here at Heritage Family […]

Non-Gym Weight Loss Solutions

no gym weight loss

There are so many different ways to lose weight and get rid of stubborn fat.  Everyone knows that diet and exercise provide a great foundation for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance, however many people struggle to adhere to their weight loss regimens. Plus, there are many people who are unable to go to the […]

6 Things to Know about Celeb-Tested Coolsculpting


If you haven’t already heard, Coolsculpting is one of the most popular new aesthetic procedures that is helping people finally get the body they have always wanted. Coolsculpting is not only a popular solution for men and women around the country, but it is also one of the hottest celebrity trends right now. Numerous members […]

5 Healthy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

boost your metabolism

There is nothing as frustrating as dealing with a slow metabolism. There are so many of us that remember our younger days when we could eat whatever we wanted and not worry about the residual weight gain to come. Unfortunately, as we age, our metabolism is one of the first things to slow down. This […]

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments That Will Change Your Life

non-surgical weight loss

It can be extremely difficult to lose stubborn fat. Weight loss can be a challenge for all types of people, and sometimes no matter how much you diet and how much you exercise, you can still struggle to lose weight. The good news is, there are some non-surgical weight loss treatments out there that can […]

Can BHRT Help You Lose Weight?

BHRT and weight loss

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT is a revolutionary treatment that can be used to help with a number of different issues as it can help restore normal hormone levels in your system. Unfortunately, as we age, we all start to experience a shift in our hormone levels. By our mid-thirties, most of us begin […]

The Top 6 Celebrities Who Have Loved CoolSculpting


There are so many people today who are struggling with the same frustrating issue—getting rid of that unsightly unwanted fat. You may be dieting, exercising and doing everything you can to get rid of that last little bit of fat, but aren’t seeing results. You may feel as though you have no other options to […]

CoolSculpting—The Truth: Real Results

In the world of aesthetic services, CoolSculpting has become one of the most talked about new procedures, and for a good reason. This innovative, non-invasive treatment has been proven to freeze away that stubborn, unwanted fat that is so difficult to get rid of. There are so many people today who struggle to get rid […]

Health Secrets Celebrities Use to Stay Slim—And You Can Too!

Elizabeth Hurley, Sandra Bullock, Eva Mendes, Halle Berry. These are some of the most beautiful and talented women in Hollywood and they are women who seem to effortlessly maintain a thin, healthy-physique that any woman would envy. So, what is their secret to staying so thin? Well, each of these lovely ladies has their own […]